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Revere Securities is a global broker-dealer firm providing strategic and financial support to institutional investors, hedge funds, and individual investors.The firm's professionals are involved in all components of the sales and trading process, and include extensive compliance and operational personnel. In addition, Revere Securities LLC provides differentiated corporate access, helping institutional clients gain access to management as a component of their investment process.

The new economy created by TEMPUS  NETWORK commodifies people’s time and enables them to augment their incomes by earning compensation for their engagement with platforms they love through gamification. The creator, Shahal Khan, envisions a world where all people, regardless of their educational levels, positioning in society, or geography can be valued for their time and energy. A person planting a tree or a person helping to gamify education, all can participate easily in a platform already built, or build one in which people can collaborate to solve a problem or achieve a goal.


CCP Digital is a decade-old digital advertising agency with unique access and knowledge in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, offering a competitive advantage as we enter the era of Web3. CCP Digital empowers innovators doing good stuff. CCP Digital creates influence, builds brand equity, and drives relationships through their innovative strategies, technologies, and execution.

CCP Digital

Eldon Group is a customer engineering firm helping companies design and build touchpoints that are understandable and flow in a way that customers can interact efficiently. We do this by emphasizing efforts on strategy and assessments to optimize the customer journey and not favor one touchpoint at the expense of another.

Eldon Group

HighThere is a creative community exploring the science, craft, and culture of cannabis. HighThere believes that we have a collective responsibility towards eradicating the stigma, misinformation, and inequities surrounding this plant, so we can unlock its true potential for all. 

High There

Money management transformed. The most high value, secure and cost efficient way to use your money around town and around the world. Send and receive money globally for free. Pay for goods and services in person and online. Pay bills, buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. OGpay's multi-lingual multi-currency platform will have you up and running in minutes.

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Launched in 2016, Romulus Entertainment is an independent production company that produces and finances original film and television content. Romulus Entertainment is founded upon the principles of efficiency, timeliness, and selectivity while still creating transcendent, thought-provoking material.

Established in 1926, Bice is among the busiest and most renowned Northern Italian restaurants in the United States. Dishes such as the incredible Taglioni Lobster, Ravioli Massala, Ossobuco and Papardelle al Telefono demonstrate the chef's skill in blending Northern Italian and American cuisine with uncompromising results.


With floor-to-ceiling windows and awe-inspiring views in all 1,399 guest rooms, it’s no surprise Casino Player Magazine deems it the “Best Hotel Rooms” in Atlantic City. Interiors are sleek, minimalist, and stylishly appointed with contemporary furnishings. Thoughtful amenities such as complimentary WiFi, in-room entertainment, and sumptuous terry cloth towels come standard in all rooms and suites.


Animoca Brands is a worldwide, industry leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. A Deloitte Tech Fast winner on the Financial Times list of High Growth Companies. Animoca Brands promotes digital property rights for the world’s gamers and Internet users, creating a new asset class, GameFi economies, and a more equitable digital framework contributing to the building of the open metaverse.

Once Upon a Coconut

Once Upon a Coconut is a premium coconut water brand that donates 10% of its profits to charity. They sell 100% pure coconut water, sparkling coconut water + energy, premium coconut water + chocolate, and premium coconut water + pineapple.

CO2Lift is a carbon capture and utilization company that is developing a technology to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into valuable products, such as fuels and chemicals.

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